Monday, February 13, 2006

Here's a great way to waste some money:

If you are a MySpace user, which most college students are, you probably know about Christine Dolce, aka Forbidden (explicit Content!). She has a very good agent, manager, or whoever it is that runs her MySpace site. She posts almost nude pictures of herself and talks about a new clothing line that she has recently come out with called Destroyed Denim (explicit Content!). The concept of this clothing line is you can either send in your own pair of jeans, or purchase a pair of jeans from them, and they will essentially destroy them. This means put rips and bleach stains on them. If they are going to destroy your clothes they should pay you to do it right? Nope! You get to pay them between $50 and $75 for them to destroy your clothes! What a waste of money!

Come on folks, you can't destroy your own pair of jeans? Here's an idea, do something active, wear them hiking, wear them when you work on a car, go roll down a hill jeans on! Better yet, send me your jeans and $10 plus the cost of shipping and I will destroy your pants for you. There you go, save yourself $65 and send me the pants. Or don't waste any money at all on this ludicrous idea and invest your money.


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