Monday, March 20, 2006

Just to clarify my last article:

It seems there was a little confusion about what I said in the last article dealing with when to, and not to use your credit card. If you are able to pay off your card every single month, then by all means use the card for all your purchases. However, if you ever get a little behind, even if it's only $25 dollars, you need to stop using the credit card to purchase everything. This is how people end up in credit card debt. First they say only have a $25 balance is okay, I will be able to pay it off next month, then the next month they have $100 balance and say oh I am getting a big pay check next month I will pay it off then, then you are thousands of dollars in debt and your minimum payment is more than $200. DO NOT LET YOUR CREDIT CARD DEBT GET THIS WAY! In fact, don't get into any credit card debt!


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